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Welcome to The motl

Welcome to The motl

Welcome to The motlWelcome to The motlWelcome to The motl

Do you like fun?

Moms On The Loose

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Do you like to laugh?

Do you like to party?

Do you find yourself having more than a glass of wine, or rolling yourself a doobie after the kids go to sleep?

Look no further, this podcast is for you!

The MOTL are two 17-year-old best friends trapped in 31-year-old mom bods.  If you're looking to spend 45 minutes with some good friends, give us a listen, laugh with us and laugh for yourself! WE LOVE YOU! WE WELCOME YOU! 

Episodes Officially LIVE!

Shawna Decker Brittney Dedrick Frizzy's Bar Buffalo, NY Allentown MOTL Podcast

Things are about to get loose, real loose...

This is not a podcast about "mom" stuff

Jerry Pauly Shawna Decker Brittney Dedrick Pentimento Buffalo NY Main St Basement Band Practice

This is a podcast about what moms do in the shadows. We like fart humor, crude jokes, and Snoop Dogg.

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