About Us



"Being a mom is the most rewarding, challenging, beautiful, epic role in the world. When you have a child, it’s like being born again, you go back to DAY ONE of your childhood… you’re amazed by the simplest things- like bubbles, you’re playing hide and seek at the park, candyland and card games, building snowmen in the yard, dressing up for halloween, but sometimes you can’t wait to be 17 again…

For me there’s like a distant memory of a past life where I was wild and care free.

This is about having BOTH. Being a mother who is thirty, but also who drops in on any given mini-ramp, possibly smokes weed when no one is looking, and goes to punk rock shows and gets in fights with people who don’t know how to have a good time… because bitch this is my one night out YOU MAD THAT I’M HAVING FUN!!!!? 




"What the fuck is a hobby? My hobby is putting the kids to bed so I can drink wine and watch tv with sex scenes. My hobby is seeing how much high cleaning I can get done for the two hour nap time. Hobby’s are for people with nothing better to do, and I got a lot of better shit to do. Like stealing my kids skateboard to show him how it’s really done. Giving my husband some good nookie, and hitting snooze until the last possible minute and then yelling at my kid to HURRY UP YOU'RE GUNNA MISS THE BUS. 

I am passionate about few things in life, but my best friend is high on the list. 

Even though we don’t live in the same state, sometimes a conversation is all I need to feel like I just had a whole weekend to myself. This podcast is a way for us to connect, and for you to listen in on some real mom tea. What is moms do in the shadows. That literally no other mom is talking about. "